Monday, February 19, 2018

What did I miss?

Being away from the things that you know so well can lead to moments of disappointment and certainly over the last week-plus, there’s been a few of those.
It was disappointing to miss out on the Kennett alpine boys and girls winning championships on back to back days on the local slopes of Cranmore and King Pine and seeing another solid performance from the Plymouth alpine boys, skiing to second place.
It was disappointing to miss the state ski jumping meet, which is traditionally one of my favorite events of the year. I didn’t get to see any ski jumping this year at the high school level because the meet I was planning on attending was cancelled due to weather conditions. And the State Meet is always a blast and Kennett and Plymouth are almost always contenders. Kennett won this year, with Plymouth third and it was tough to miss it.
It was also disappointing to miss another strong championship performance from the Plymouth wrestling team, which has become a Division III force to be reckoned with. The Division III State Meet was close by this year in Tilton, so it would’ve been easier to cover than normal. And in the same vein, I missed seeing Brian Lindsay of Kingswood win his third consecutive wrestling championship, though it would’ve been tough to be at both Winnisquam and Con-Val at the same time even if I was in the country.
I missed the second Kennett vs. Kingswood hockey game of the year as well, which I always enjoy. Coaches Mike Lane and Mike Potenza both put quality teams on the ice and the kids always have a good battle.
And I am going to miss the opening two rounds of the Division III girls’ hoop tournament, featuring Newfound and Prospect Mountain. The playoffs are always exciting and missing them is disappointing.
I am grateful for the help of Kathy Sutherland, RC Greenwood, Joe Souza and Bob Martin in covering this plethora of exciting events while I was gone, along with coaches who have checked in with me and ADs and parents who have sent along pictures.

As we head toward March, I’ll be back in the saddle before I know it, covering the stuff I’m used to instead of this crazy worldwide stuff.


  1. About half an hour ago I heard you on 106.1 radio talking about meeting Lindsey Vonn, among others. What a hoot! You were here in central VT at least vocally in the mid morning of Tuesday, Feb. 20 so we didn't have to miss you.

  2. Thanks for listening. I've been on with the Buzz a few times already. I forget they reach up into Vermont. Probably will be on again before the week is out.