Friday, February 9, 2018

Finding my way (to bed)

I arrived in Gangneung, which is the area along the coast where the indoor activities and the Olympic Stadium are located and where my housing is located, a bit after 9 p.m. last night (Friday night). There was a young woman with a sign for media and she led me to a van and the driver brought me to the media village.
I will say this was a much different experience than the Sochi housing situation. In Sochi, I was essentially staying in a hotel with a bed and a bathroom. Here, media members are staying in apartments, which they are converting to housing for Koreans when the Olympics are over. I am on the 15th floor of building 610, which is located in a large cluster of buildings that are serve the same purpose.
I checked in at the front office (which was essentially a large, heated tent) and was able to watch the Olympic cauldron officially be lit on the television there. While I couldn’t understand a thing the announcers were saying, it was obvious they were pretty excited with the proceedings.
I then wandered over to my building and took the elevator up to the 15th floor. There was nobody in the apartment but I know I have two roommates. I assumed that they were both at the opening ceremonies. I unpacked my stuff and decided to walk around the media village a little bit to see where things were. I found the media workroom right outside the door to my building and one of the dining facilities (we get free breakfast there) outside my door as well.
When I returned to the apartment one of my roommates was here, a gentleman who takes photographs for Team USA. The other roommate came in after I had gone to bed.
And bed was nice. I slept for almost six hours, which was great and was needed after the long day of travel. I woke up Saturday morning and took a shower, also nice after a long day of travel. So far, no complaints on my end as far as the room goes.
Now it’s off to breakfast, that may be a different story.

 This is my room in the Gangneung Media Village. There's also a kitchen and living room I share with two other people.

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