Thursday, February 8, 2018

A sleep plan in place ... and a moment of panic

I had a plan. And as of this writing on Thursday morning at 7:25, part of the plan was working out just fine.
Because I had to work at the second job on Wednesday night and had to go back to the office after finishing up at 1 a.m. because I forgot something that I needed, I decided it would be best to stay up all night, leave for Boston around 3 a.m. and hopefully be tired enough that I could sleep on the flight but not so tired that I fell asleep at the wheel and went off the road on the way. I am hopeful that staying up all night will help to get me on Korean time faster, since they are 14 hours ahead of where we are on the East Coast.
I left the apartment at about 3:15 a.m. and felt okay as I hit the road, but as I got to the Rochester tolls, I started to feel a bit sleepy, so I pulled off and took a break for about 10 minutes. I hit the road again and made a stop at the Massachusetts visitors center to get out and walk a bit and that kept me going straight through to the airport.
I parked the car in the garage and made my way to the terminal via the shuttle bus. This was the second time I’ve gone through security at the Air Canada gates at Logan Airport and this is quite possibly the easiest security checkpoint I’ve ever gone through. There was absolutely no line and I zipped right through and sat down in the terminal.
After sitting for a bit, I decided I wanted to move over near the charging port so I could use my laptop without draining the battery. After a few minutes of doing work on the laptop, I realized that my phone was not in my pocket. I looked everywhere and I could not find it. There was nobody at the customer service desk, so I checked with security but they hadn’t seen anything. The Find your iPhone app told me that it was near me but no matter where I looked, I could not find it.
Finally, using my iPad, I texted my friend Jay, who called my phone and got an Air Canada woman and she said someone had brought it out of the area where I was and turned it in, thinking it had been left behind.
She was incredibly nice and brought the phone to me, averting any disaster from me not having my phone. Though I guess that’s not necessarily a bad thing at times.
So, the sleep plan has worked so far. Now I just need to keep track of my phone.