Thursday, February 8, 2018

The best-laid plans

That sleep plan mentioned in the blog earlier today? Seems to be out the window. It's 5:20 back on the East Coast and I am somewhere over Northern Canada and am wide awake.
Part of the problem is that we are two hours behind. 
The flight from Boston arrived about 20 minutes late, which meant I had to hustle (as much as a fat guy can hustle) through the Toronto airport, through customs and on to the next gate. I made it just in time for boarding of my group for the flight to Seoul. I didn't stop and get anything to eat or drink because I knew I was running late.
However, I then sat on the plane for two hours waiting and waiting for us to go somewhere.
Evidently computer problems were to blame, as the pilot explained they didn't have a flight plan and once they got one, then they had to put the luggage on (why was the luggage not on already?).
I fell asleep for a little while earlier on the flight but right now I'm awake. Of course, there's still 10 hours to go on this long flight, so I'm sure there's more time for sleep.
On the positive side, I figured out how to get wifi on the plane, so I've been going through e-mails and online notifications. Maybe that will put me to sleep.

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