Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Keeping up with the journey

As the weather appears to be heading back to normal winter here in New England, with snow predicted tomorrow, I spent a bit of time today hoping that the weather doesn’t delay my flight on Thursday morning out of Logan Airport. Alternate flights to South Korea probably aren’t terribly easy to find on short notice.
I also spent a bit of time today talking to a few different folks about interviews from South Korea. As many people in the Wolfeboro area might know, I cover local sports for WASR 1420 AM and FM 97.1 each day. I record a two-minute segment each  night and they run it in the morning during their programming. As I did in Sochi four years ago, I plan to file daily updates from PyeongChang for inclusion in the morning show on WASR.
Also in Sochi, I had the chance to talk to numerous different radio shows back here in New England and I was in contact with a couple of them today to discuss some possible times to talk while I am at the Olympics.
My friend, Steve Smith, runs a radio station in Newport and I was on with him from Sochi, so I got in touch with him again today and set up a time to talk during my first week. The biggest stumbling block I’ve found is that the time difference of 14 hours means I’m usually covering night events while the morning shows are on the air. But Steve and I worked out a day and time to touch base.
I also got a call at the office from Greg Kretchmar from Greg and the Morning Buzz and we also set up a couple of times to talk in my first week. Four years ago, I did a couple of interviews with the Buzz (I listen to them every single day) from Sochi and Greg wanted to touch base again this year. Besides the one time I was on television at the women’s hockey game, the interviews with Greg got some of the most comments from friends during my time in Sochi.
These are great ways to keep people up to date on things and there are plenty of other ways to keep up with the trip over the next few weeks. Obviously, I plan on posting on this blog every day at some point (assuming the internet works like it should). I also will be (internet allowing) will be posting photos on Instagram (SalmonSportsGuy) and I’ve linked my Instagram account to Twitter (SalmonSportsGuy) and Facebook, so the pictures should go to all three social media accounts. Additionally, I will be posting photos I take with my camera on my personal Facebook page and hopefully on the Salmon Press Sports – Wolfeboro Facebook page where I post the normal sports updates from across the region.
So, there are plenty of ways to keep up with what’s going on on the other side of the world. I look forward to providing updates to everyone, both online and over the air.

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