Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yes, I may be a creeper

Over the first five days in Russia, I’ve come to realize a few things, but first and foremost amongst them, is the fact that they must have hired every single beautiful woman in Russia to work in some capacity on these Sochi Winter Olympics.
I swear that you can’t turn around without seeing another beautiful girl checking ID badges, directing buses to the correct stops or working the help desk. It’s insane.
And to be fair, I am sure the women that might be reading this might find many of the men working here attractive as well. But since this is from my perspective, I can only write what I know.
But anyway, being a fairly lonely guy in my every day life, I notice attractive women a lot, but I usually just leave it at that. I’ve taken a good deal of ribbing about my incredibly stellar "love life" over the years and I am sure this story will only continue that wonderful ride.
For instance, the girl who handled the flow of traffic in the post office of the media center yesterday was what many guys (myself included) would consider “hot.” She was the type of girl who could easily be a model if she so desired. What she’s doing working in the Olympic Media Center post office, I don’t know, but that’s beside the point.
Guys will always notice a girl like that, no questions asked.
But she wasn’t what stuck in my mind for a good chunk of the day as I was watching some alpine skiing and later, hockey.
What stuck in my mind was the girl sitting in front of me on the half-hour or so bus ride from the Gorki Media Center to the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center.
The bus ride winds through the mountains and the sun was shining quite brightly the entire ride. I noticed the aforementioned girl at the bus stop. She was wearing the uniform of the people who are working the venues but something about her just struck me.
She was much different than the “hot” girl at the post office. Rather this girl had a stunning beauty that was quiet and reserved. Every once in a while, as we climbed into the mountains, the sun would catch her eyes just right and they totally sparkled.
She had her iPod or iPhone in her hands and her earbuds in and every once in a while she must have heard something that made her happy, because a slight smile would come across her lips.
So, this totally makes me sound like a creeper. I get that, and maybe I am. But it did get me thinking that an experience like this, a once-in-a-lifetime event, would be a heck of a lot better if there was someone to share it with, besides of course, the 11 people who read these posts on a regular basis.
Prospect Mountain parent Jennifer Jones warned me many times before I left that I better not come back married, and she has nothing to worry about on that front. But maybe I will come back actually thinking about that as a possibility sometime in the future.
Of course at the rate my life is going, that’s a long time into the future.
Nonetheless, another day in the books in Sochi. No trip to the mountains planned on Thursday. Too bad though, if I catch the right bus, you never know who I might have seen.

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