Thursday, January 25, 2018

The scheduling fun

Korea is getting close and the schedule is starting to take shape a bit more.
With two weeks to go until I fly out as I write this, I worked out my tentative schedule for the two weeks I will be in PyeongChang.
I printed out the schedule for the games and went to work deciding what and where I needed to be on certain days.
The first thing I did was look for events featuring local athletes. Conway's Sean Doherty will be in biathlon events so I put those on the schedule, not knowing yet which of the events he will be competing in. I also heard from a Gilford resident who noted her daughter-in-law, Emily Dreissigacker, is also competing in biathlon in Pyeongchang, so I put a couple of the women's races on my schedule as well. Sarah Hendrickson, who has family in Plymouth (her parents skied for Plymouth High), is one of the US ski jumpers, so I put the women's competition on the schedule. New Hampton School graduate Annalisa Drew will be competing in the freestyle skiing halfpipe and fellow Loon Mountain ski team member Eric Loughran will be competing in the aerials competition so both of those events went on the schedule.
Then I started filling in other days on the schedule with numerous different events. I'm hoping to see a lot of alpine events, starting with the men's downhill on day two. Speedskating, both short track and regular are on for a day, along with a cross country skiing afternoon and one of each of the sliding events. I also put a couple of hockey games on the schedule, including the first US hockey games for both men and women.
This trip will be a bit different than the trip to Sochi four years ago because I actually know some people who will be there. My college marching band friend Lee Kelly now lives in Korea and he will be at the Olympics on day seven, so I set up a time to meet him and catch up, which should be a lot of fun. Former Prospect Mountain three-sport star Indiana Jones is at the Olympics as an intern, so I set up a couple of possible dates to talk to her about her experience.
But possibly the most interesting thing I looked at is a trip to the DMZ between North and South Korea. Media got an e-mail announcing media tours to different parts of Korea and one of those spots is the DMZ. I was able to block out a good portion of my day at the end of the first week to book that trip and I am looking forward to that.
Of course, all of this is subject to change. Once I get there I am sure there will be things to see and people to meet.

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