Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Give me a break

I don't spend tons of time listening to sports talk radio, mainly because I find many of the people who call in to these shows to be incredibly annoying. However, ever since WEEI returned Dale Arnold to a regular role (2 to 6 p.m.), I've been tuning in a little more. In my humble opinion, Dale is the most informed and intelligent sports media member in the Boston market. He knows his sports and he knows how to talk about sports.
Yesterday, as I was sitting in my truck waiting out the rain to end and the Kingswood boys' tennis team's quarterfinal match against Wilton-Lyndeborough, I was listening to Dale and Holley and a couple of New England's "finest" called in to say that Jerry Remy needs to resign.
Now don't get me wrong. Jerry Remy's son is an awful human being. He deserves to be rotting in prison. But that doesn't mean that Jerry Remy needs to go into hiding and run away from his position at NESN.
The actions of an adult child should not be held against the parents. Jerry and his wife have made it known that they made mistakes in raising their children, but then again, what parents haven't made mistakes. No parent sets out to raise a murderer, yet there are murderers out there, obviously raised by someone.
I hope that the world never hears from Jared Remy again. I hope that this story goes away and nobody ever has to see his face or listen to his voice again. I am hopeful that the Boston news media can just let that go.
However, I want to continue to hear Jerry Remy on my Red Sox broadcasts each night. He deserved the chance to make a living and he and his wife deserve every chance to try and get back to normal in their lives as much as possible. When I hear Jerry talking about a pitch or a play or relaying an anecdote about the team, I don't think about Jared. I think about baseball, one of the biggest joys in my life. And I know that baseball is one of the biggest joys in Jerry Remy's life. Why should viewers want to take that away from him? He has done nothing wrong.

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