Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh boy, this is real

There have been many moments over the last year and a half since I received word that my request for credentials to cover the Olympics had been approved. Filling out the myriad of paperwork. The first time I wired money to cover my accommodations. At the roast in my honor to raise funds. When the first check came in from someone offering support for my trip.
Those were all big moments, but today, perhaps the biggest moment of all. Today, a package arrived at the office containing my Olympic credentials. While they still have to be verified at the airport in Russia, the credentials are my access to the Olympics and my access into Russia (no visa required).
Getting the credentials wasn't without trouble. The first picture I sent to the US Olympic Committee was my passport photo and that came back as being rejected by the Sochi Olympic Committee (I didn't even ask why). Next I took a photo against the white wall in our office and had our new office manager size it correctly and sent that along. But word came back that there were shadows and the background wasn't white.
Honestly, I was at a loss at how to get a good shot against a plain white background with no shadows. The very kind woman at the US Olympic Committee office, Peggy, told me how she got her photos for her staff so I took her advice. I used the back door of the convenience store next door to our office and waited until the sun went behind the clouds. Voila, no shadows and a white background. Approved.
Of course, the next problem will be actually getting in to Russia with these credentials. When I took the photo it was in the middle of the Red Sox World Series run and I hadn't shaved in a while. I think I look more presentable now, but I guess that's up to the friendly guards at the gates in Sochi...

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